Wiki testing page

Wiki pages can be created. This is a quick test.

So in theory this is now a wiki page that other people should be able to edit and add info too.

Here’s a list of useful maps:
Historical Aerial Imagery for Canterbury
NZ Topo Map
Land Informatoin NZ Property Titles
NZ Petrolium & Minerals Ability to search claim numbers
Water Depths Map
Alexander Turnbull archives
Auckland Council Heritage Images
Maps Past
Digital NZ
National Library
Papers Past

Testing edit by other user - works!

Hmm, looks like it probably limited to users of a certain trust level for editing. Which makes sense. Don’t want a n00b coming in and editing stuff before they get a feel for how the community operates.

Ah, you only need trust level 1 which most people get quite quickly. There’s a little pencil in a box icon top right of the post that lets you edit the wiki page.