Why? Why do I do this?

On the road at 2am, 166km, hit 5 different beaches with over 4 Hours on the coil and I end up with, well, this.


Man, your Show and Tell is seriously sad… You would probably have been better off scanning your own back yard. I feel for you brother. :disappointed:

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Cailean, the OP is a nice honest post. Shows the hopefuls it ain’t rings and sovereigns every trip.
Up at 2 :thumbsup:

Beaches up this way didn’t fare any better after the storm, all full. Only the usual old decimals floating out of a few random small cuts in wraparound eddies.

I’m off to find Caileans show and tell thread now :wink:

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I feel you mate.

Went to got up in dark this morning to detect Ngunguru.
Wasn’t early enough, and tide chased me away.

My first matchbox car.
Some brass “nuggets”
Can someone identify the yellow lumps, they’re solid but crumble easily - is it just paint, or some kind of nasty chemical from decades ago. (fyi they don’t detect as metal)
Also the large dark lumps look like lead & feel heavy, but are very crumbly - does lead go like this after ages? (I’ll smelt it eventually).

Quite a good area, teen hangout and old site with loads of junk. But I need a wash carton to sift through it.
I think these sort of very rubbishy locations are the best, other detectorists either vacuum up the easy silvers, or just give up.
Also pulling out large Ferrous Turds can reveal other targets beneath. And if a Turd looks interesting take it home and hammer out your detecting frustrations on them - sometimes they may have interesting things hidden within.

I’m about to head out for another detect now. Stay hard!

Ahh…Gunguru - You’ll be about #4,776 to hit that one.

Those yellow lumps - Gum?

Tempted to head out myself, but getting too comfy this afternoon :smirk:

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No, not gum. Not Sulphur either (well no smell).

Haha - Some hard case replies guys :yum:

Licking my wounds after the devastating beach hunt, I hit some dirt this morning for an hour or so. tough going as the paddock hadn’t been grazed for a while and the Kikuyu was fairly thick in a lot of the places I wanted to get into (site where a homestead had been taken off for relocation). The sniper coil paid for itself as I was able to get in and around the clumps of grass that I wouldn’t have got near with the larger coil. Took forever though,

Not many finds, and none which will get you seasoned hunters high-fiving, but a lot of firsts for me :smile:

My first horseshoe! I would have expected these to be one of the more common finds, but maybe people don’t get as excited about them once they’ve found thirty or so. Also the remains of a stirrup to complete the rural horsey theme.

My new oldest coin - 1909 threepenny piece. Found two threepences, the 1909 and a 1933. Didn’t realise the date until I got it home and scrubbed the dirt off it. Pretty rotten (I think it may have been burnt as the 1933 is not too bad) but it’s got pride of place on my keyboard.
And my first rifle cartridge. EDIT: just found it’s a pre 1912 cordite 303. Thanks to this site Has a groove filed in it - whistle? or boredom?
The Monopoly hat is really cool - nothing says Someone Lived Here, like a boardgame piece. I can imagine young Samuel throwing it in a tantrum when he lost :tired_face:

And @GoldPandemic - If that’s you in the photo, I’ll have to keep an eye out for you :heart_eyes_cat:


Great stuff.
I often do a quick scan of a beach 10-30min, shore to tide zigzagging. Hit any rock outcrops or obvious tidal “river flows” (more noticeable after heavy rain). And give up quick if there are no signals & only large ferrous turds.
But sometimes, I just start at tide and dig everything until the incomming tide moves me back to the shore, or I lose my marbles.

Actually my appearance is closer to the Moehau Man.

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Back at the homestead. Got a call from the farmer “My mate has an old school on his place, he’s happy for you to go and have a dig…” Word of mouth! Worth its weight :smiley:

So…back to the windy ridge, and met Farmer ‘Bob’ at the gate. He pointed to a granddaddy pine sticking out of the eucalypts and said “Start there.” Fired up the quad and shot off.

So, I hopped over the fence and crashed my way through all the windfall branches - wondering how long it would take me to find my way out if I got lost in here. Arrived at the Start There pine - at least I think this was it. Never the less it had a big clue:

Glanced at the staple holes to work out which way the fence ran and looked up to see it staring me in the face!

Followed these to the corner strainer

Now I had 2 sides, I had some direction to work,

Lots of iron scrap signals from scrap corrie iron, but soon I got - a mangled spoon!

Going was tough as the leaf litter was really deep and I was glad I only brought the small coil as the number of snags were really frustrating.

Stumbled over a path which gave a clockwork key and a few 1920-1930 pennies off to the sides

A bit further out, possibly a well :slight_smile: prodded it gently with the spade and there wasn’t a lot of resistance so decided to come back better equipped to have a go at digging this - hopefully it’ll have a nice wooden cap and be clear underneath.

Came across these cool fun guys on the way back to the car, after starting off in the wrong direction!
This is completely unenhanced, and I guess these are the extra-special mushrooms that people go on about?

This one gave me a giggle

Back at the car, I washed and counted my treasures

5 pennies and a halfpenny, shotgun case and a fired .22 bullet. Mangled spoon and the key.

I’d love to get in there with a deepseeking coil, but anything larger than a 8" is just a pain fighting all the hangups.

Any ideas what I can use to probe that well? Collapsible and can be extended to see how deep/solid that soil is.
No way I’m going to stand on it :stuck_out_tongue:



A good start. I can’t wait to see what you get when you return.
Not sure what detector you’re running. I have GPX and run a 10x5" DD, same depth as the 11" coils but farm more compact - easy to get into tight scrubby areas.

@GoldPandemic I run an AT Pro - Good machine, hopefully it’ll find me enough to buy a GPX one day.

On the subject of which, it sucked another $15 out of the local park after the Dawn Service this morning, and a silver 1943 shilling which was a nice end to the hunt.


Nice one KT Pro - go hard.
Garrett rules ok.


I’ve really got my geek on today! Headed out this afternoon and up a stream into the bush just outside town. Swinging up on the bank gave all sorts of old tastiness. George V shilling (lion version, no date visible), buckle, couple of flat buttons and a 58th Rutland foot regiment button from around 1850 - Awesome. There was also another large flat button of similar material (lead/pewter?) but no markings on it, looks like it may have been gilt though. Also a teeny-tiny scrap of copper with “Fred & Connie” scratched into it very ornately, thinking this could be bored soldier artwork. On the way back down the stream I found three fired musketballs two big, and one small. They are well flattened on one side, so I’d say they were potshots at the boulders rather than at people, there’s no record of a battle in this area. I love doing the bush, the ATP always finds something.


Awesome. The 58th button is pewter (some of them were brass or silver). Any idea what the coin is next to it. Might probly be from the same era.


That’s the second button, same material as the 58 but worse condition. There may have been something on it but that’s long gone if there was.

Neat 1960’s (?) Kiwiana hairslide off the foreshore this afternoon after work.

And the rest


Nice work, keep it up.

As far as im aware the flat buttons dont have patterns etc on the face but they do have a manufacturers print on the reverse which can be quite hard to make out in this condition.


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What’s the lettering(?) under the Tiki?

Cool find - I love the ‘domestic’ and everyday items just as much as the gold.

…Well, almost as much.

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I’m not saying I’m old or anything but I remember the Tiki from the late 60’s. I had an uncle that had one. It is actually a money clip for holding your notes. Good score KT.