Who believes this ....really?

10,000./oz seems far fetched lol.

Nup, email sign up’s…

Yes it could and even a great deal higher…as I see it and simplified. The Western world used to be on the Gold Standard, in other words a countries finances were basically worth the value of their gold reserves but those Jewish bankers Rothschild’s, Sachs, Morgans, Rockerfellow et al have manipulated global finances because they OWN the money. The people and government do NOT own the money, the bankers own it.
Now from what I understood these scum took away the gold standard and I am guessing for two reasons 1) they can amass the gold themselves as is evidenced by the fact that of the 8000 ton of gold that was owned by the people of the US and stored in Fort Knox only 1000 ton or so remains there and the Federal Reserve has the other 7000 ton. The Federal Reserve is owned by the bankers 2) by deregulating the gold they can force the price up and sell it, manipulate the prices down and buy it and thus increase their wealth 3) encourage their puppets the politicians to borrow heavily as Obummer did in order to create money out of NOTHING. In other words Obummer when he came to office borrowed something like 700 trillion which did not exist. He had worthless bonds printed and delivered to the Federal Reserve (Rat Rothschild’s) and those bonds allowed the Federal Reserve to create the money by either printing it or as a computer entry.
This means that there are thousands of trillions of (actually non existing other than on a computer) dollars and one day rest assured those bankers will want the gold standard back. This means that every ounce of gold will be worth ten times and more what its worth now…and they hold it!
This means that through manipulation of finances and gold pricing the bankers wealth can increase ten fold over night.
The ultimate scam.
Yes it will go up in value untold!

Not for a second.
Buy and stockpile bloody ciggys instead- garrenteed 10% increase in value till 2025.


One problem for gold (which doesn’t thril me greatly despite having some exposure to them) is Altcoins and Bitcoin. Traditionally when people went to gold, some are now going to crytpocoins as well. It offsets demand on gold.