Which pin pointer to buy

looking at getting a pin pointer. any of you guys have opinions on best one to buy.

I quite like my Garrett Carrot (Pro-pointer AT) as it’s waterproof so I can take it sniping for gold. Though I’ve not found any nuggets directly using the pointer while sniping though. Certainly passes the waterproof test though!

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Minelab Pro Find 25 can give you 20cm range (and be reduced if desired).

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I am curently using a Garrett Carrot (Pro-pointer AT) too.
Has a good battery life and is waterproof

To get any sort of a reasonable pin-pointer be prepared to spend a bit of cash. I,ve got the Garrett Pro-Pointer also, very pleased with what it can do. It does cost to get something that will do the job properly !

thanks guys. looks like the garrett might be worth a look at

Nokta - hands downs - sensitive to small gold and built tough

better than garrett. would it pick up small flakes

YES - better than the GPP & more sensitive to small gold - Also better international service if ever required - Cheaper as well - Ask the previous/current Nokta rep for confirmation but IMHO the Nokta Pointer a better choice for prospectors -

A more sensitive pointer would be a real plus as my pro pointer only picks up 1.0 grms + flakes.
A pointer that picked up flakes 0.1 grms would be very handy to indicate where clusters of gold appear in the river, save a lot of sampling,especially areas that produce nice flakes. Nokta ya reckon…Still robust and waterproof?
Most of our gold in NZ is so fine so I would regard pointers as a bit of a have until they come out with a real sensitive model.
It would be interesting to video review testing all the different brands and see which pointer is more sensitive and at what depth.

.1g pin pointer would be ideal for me to. would get the odd 1g but pretty rare