Whereabouts of a sluicing gun

Hi All, joined this forum as I am on the hunt for an old sluicing gun to hire/borrow for a film production. This could be a long shot I know. West Coast circa1860, sometimes called a monitor.
We have resources to restore and then return. There must be some unused and collecting dust somewhere.


I’ve seen one up and running in the Kawarau Gorge at the Goldfields Mining Centre. You might be able to borrow theirs - www.goldfieldsmining.co.nz

There is a couple of them at the town St Bathans on display sitting there at the carpark, also one on the way into Ophir township also just sitting there on display, Alexandra museum also has 'em… I guess you could find someone to talk to about borrowing one.

Hi thanks for those leads, I will follow them up, unfortunately museums and historical societies are not usually keen to lend their items out, but I will have a crack,

I know of one and its just in storage, pm me your number, I cant make any promises, but there is a good possibilty.

Sounds Promising, thanks. gmills989@gmail.com is the best way to make contact.

switzers church maybe waikaia museum, gold fields centre. and numerous old folks gardens around otago and southland have them. a mate has a couple on his lawn.

Hi Sluicegun, what can you tell us about the filming project? Anything gold related will always find an audience with most of this community.

I only saw this thread. I think I have got one in the carnage called a back yard.

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