Where were you when

I’m currently stuck in quarantine in the bottlestore for two weeks, all because someone in the queue coughed :grin:

So, to pass the time we’re playing “Where were you when…” (all except that couple behind the wine shelves who have given in and have started to repopulate the planet already, the veneer of civilisation is so very thin)

1)Declaration of War by Chamberlain
2)Berlin wall goes up…
3)Michael Collins was stuck in the Command Module while Armstrong and Aldrin took the LEM for a burn…
4)…and Berlin wall comes down…
5)Twin Towers made Terrorism a daily word…
6)It was announced NZ would go into the first national “lockdown” in it’s history…

And just for Lammerlaw,
Wright Brothers flew at Kittyhawk … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you have any more where international events locked a moment of time into your memory, please share.

  1. Still in the milkman
  2. at the breast, only had a choice of left or right at that stage
  3. Peering at a black and white TV, screen of which wasn’t much more than some phones these days
  4. On shiftwork, listening on radio
  5. Driving to work, tuned in to ‘story in progress’. Initially thought it was just a skyscraper fire in USA.
  6. At desk, already cancelling courses and conference calls, prepping for the inevitable.

I love it buddy - if it wasnt for family I would head to the hills for the duration. Love your contribution above.
Judging by the bottle beside me I will be flying high soon so the Wright Brothers comment was very appropriate

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nice selection of bottles. im going to put a bottle in every room of my house. then go on a pub crawl I should go out and buy a bigger house , say a nine bedroom one


I have another four bottles but two bottles are Tequila and one of the bottles is shaped like an Automatic Pistol and the other shaped like a Revolver and I dotn like to empty them.

Surprised you don’t have a bottle of Lammerlaw there… not too bad (certainly better than Walker Red)

EDIT: just went looking for a pic and found out they ceased in 2000. Wish I’d been a bit easier on the case now they’re selling at 65 sterling each. Enjoyed working my way through it though :slight_smile:

Lammerlaw was named after where our gold claim and my property are - in the Lammerlaws. Our upper Deep Stream claim was where the water for that whisky came from…the distinctive taste could be …oh dear I had better not say but needless to say I used to skin dive for gold in the source of the water for that whisky!

I think that they had another brand to called ‘45 South’ and it was made in Dunedin at Wilsons Distillery or Willowbank Distillery (they were one and the same) - I wouldnt mind a bottle each of Lammerlaw and 45 South.to put on the shelf. Actually until now I never knew that they had gone!

No 3
Listening to a Sony transistor radio in the car ( 1965 Ford Cortina estate, bought new in London, product of factory in ?Dagenham UK) on my way to school aged 8.

No 4
I don’t remember

No 5
Listening to car radio while taking my own children to school. Happy birthday to Matt and Sam, my twins, 28 today.

No 6
I dont remember

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Got to have 20 char even if the post is unintentional

I remember the machinists strike. Googling it, they have even made a film of it - “Made in Dagenham” Just watched it and much reminiscing was to be had. Aah nostalgia - it’s not what it was…

When you say 1965 Cortina estate, is that the Mark 1 Cortina? As that was my very first car I bought as a teenager back in the mid '70’s. It was a 1200 cc & not the 1600. I ended up putting a 3 liter V6 into it. That was a bit of fun…Ended up getting Mark 1 Lotus Cortina suspension for it as it was beefier & had bigger braking ability, tramp rods & two piece drive shaft. It was a weapon…it got stolen. :hot_face:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

I bought my first car from the Mongel Mob…The first pay I got at 16yrs … I got a job as a carpenters apprentice I rocked up to my bank and got a credit card … straight away got a full limit cash advance of $1500 rocked up to my dodgy mates place and bought this HT Holden station wagon from the mob dude…now at the time I really thought this was a great idea…this car was cool…primer grey…full bull bared front n back.lowered…tinted screens…mags…extractors…253 in 2 stage hyroglide…for the next 4 weeks every time I drove that car I’d get pulled over by the police/strip searched(in front of my parents) or hassled by some dodgy guy wanting a tinnie…I put racks on for the boards…sold the 253…put in a 5 speed silica box n 186 on LPG n bucket seats the thing would do over 200 k’s /hr…lol…what was the question?..lol

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Yes it was a mark 1, we had it as our family vehicle for a very long time. it was a station waggon sort of affair in platinum gray.

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bloody hell there mel…. its a surprise how many dodgy characters are on this forum. am I the only great upstanding person left?
first car 1947 ford v8 . good for 100mph but just couldn’t stop it . just as well petrol was cheap in those days. 96 cents per gall.
had no back seat (well taken out ) but was still good to ride in with the double mattress in more ways than one. I think lammerlaw will remember it from when he was at the FRI camp in rotorua .

Mal…what do you expect when you “buy” something from a Mob member. It was probably stolen in the first place. LOL :rofl:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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Well JW…he gave me the ownership papers but the motor block serial number and chassis number didn’t match …lol…and hey kiwikeith…did ya buy the ford v8 new…hehe!

cheeky bugger. I traded in my horse that took me to the gold fields in central to visit lammerlaw. you wont remember you were still a sperm in your dads ball sack . LOL

Couldn’t resist Keith.hehe.hope your well fella!!

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