Where can I pan for gold in southland

Hi I’m new to this and was wondering where I can go and try my luck in southland at gold panning cheers

Hey mate,

Someone can probably give you some places, but there is a book you can possibly get at your library all about Southland Gold. Orepuki beach was a good one, but it might be all claimed now. There is a few rivers around, but the good ones are claimed. Not that its legal… but if there is no claim above or below, could be a good place to start. Just make sure your not on a claim, and you will probably not have any problems.


I have no idea who to ask about places lol

permit map at the top of this page is a good place to start

How do I find that please

Click basemaps at top to select nztopo
Shows you where everyone’s claims are, stay well away, the last thing you want is to be accused of poaching gold.

Hit the plus symbol for nztopo, and plus for property titles, to make sure you don’t trespass on anyone’s private property.

I tried that can’t follow what’s what

The blue areas are private property, though some may be national parks/doc land.
I’m not sure how to tell the difference, sometimes it gives information if you click on it.

It’s easier to see the claims on the standard map.
The reason for switching to nztopo is to compare that with topo maps (if you plan on adventuring into wilderness), and the Linz property maps - to make sure you are not on anyone’s private property.

Here are the doc/national parks. Be careful of the tan coloured areas, they may be Maori administered lands.

Don’t do anything reckless such as putting your own mine shaft in (well I’d like to do something like that one day, covertly of coarse :wink:) , altering rivers, felling trees. Everything is regulated these days, you can’t fish, hunt, really pan for gold either, Taking a dump, or having a quick wash in the river are also frowned upon.

From what I’ve heard there used to be an area at Waikaia where people could go to pan. Don’t think that it is an official fossicking area but if you know someone who is local there they will be able to point you in the right direction. It’s a good place to start,you’re not going to get rich but should be able to find something.

Number of places you can go. some blokes claimed puke beach and I believe are charging for randoms to go. also some of the small creeks coming out of the longwoods you could be surprised.
try the waiau from the mouth to the first claim at monowai.
fishing and panning go together on that river.