Where can i fossick when the rivers too high?

Just wondering, where are you allowed to fossick if the rivers are too high in the public areas? Or do you ask nicely to claim holders with benches etc?
I,m retiring early next year and will be heading south checking scenery and especially the history of wherever the old timers went and how they did it. Can’t wait.

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Any claims in the area are likely to have high waters at the same time.

Yeah I was thinking maybe higher like the sides of the hills above the rivers and claims, would that be allowed?

Gold fossicking in the public areas is restricted to the active river bed.

So after looking at the Doc and Gold Permit maps am I still not allowed to detect/prospect in areas that are not allocated to anyone? Or do I just contact the land owners and go from there?

Thats right, all minerals in the ground are owned by the crown, so even with express permission of a land owner you have no right to prospect on the land, excepting if they had a claim and allowed you to of course. Stink eh?! But them the rules…

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Thank you for that info, yeah sux alright, I’ll just have to make sure I’ve got enough paydirt stored up while I wait for the rivers to drop.