Where and what Pinpointer to get?

After a year of leaving beeps in holes, its time to get a pinpointer.

Ive had a look brief look and settled on the MarsMD because it seemed on par with all the others at a decent price. But im having a hard time finding a place to get one.

The garret (carrot??) seems to be the default one to get, I cant really justify the price though.

The majority of detecting I do is beach and use an at pro.

What are people suggestions on what to get?
And where does everyone buy there bits from? Local or overseas.

I’ve actively used three different brands over the years, settling for the Deteknix and very happy with them.

I use the Wader and Diver models.
You will likely need to shift the ATP frequency to Ch4 as they chat at similar frequencies.

Got mine from Nenad Lonic (yes, that’s his name) at Phase Technical in Australia. Dealt with him a few times, and my recommendation stems from the excellent service he gives.

This is the Land version

Cheers for that.

He said said he hasn’t shipped to nz since atomic?? Became a distributor.

Been a couple of years since I bought,


I am using the Deteknix xpointer and got it from Amazon. Does the job but it is the only one I have used so have no idea how it compares to others.

Will this become a problem when I go out with a mate using the same ATP?

Is there a real world difference between 12 kHz(mars) and 95 kHz(xpointer)?

No, unless you’re really, really close to each other. The chatter is due to pinpointers being pulse induction, think they all do it.

You won’t notice any real performance difference between pointers due to frequency.

Awesome, thanks for all your help.