Whats the Queen doing here?

This was on the latest permit alert- have the royals got into mining or is this a new public area? On the Clutha near Luggate,
|Permit Number:| |60456 [Basic details | Full details]|
|Spatial Geometry:| |View topo map | Download KML file|
|Type Code:| |● Mining Permit|
|Owner(s):expressionless: |Her Majesty the Queen on behalf of the Crown|
|Location:| |● Otago Region|
|Operation Name:| |Golden Pocket|
|Status:| |Land Decision Pending since 20/09/2019|
|Granted:| |26/09/2018|
|Duration:| |10 years 0 months|
|Expires:| |25/09/2028|
|Area:| |49.990 Ha|
|Mineral(s):expressionless: |● Gold|
|Permit Watch:| |● New 27/09/2018; Updated 21/09/2019|
|Updated 21/09/2019:| |● Status; Status date|


There was an underground drugs operation raided by the police last week on the west coast under the criminal asset’s act two gold claims where cessed I’m picking it would be tyed to that


well if the queen is planning on a weekend dredging trip I hope she knows the rules.

Maybe she has plans for Boris?

My understanding is Claim which was registered under a company. looks like the company was struck of the register.
maybe ground was forfeited

You would need to be experienced to work a river that size and have pretty good gear

Looks like the company was Golden Pocket Limited registered under a guy called Garry Barnes from Cromwell.