Whats happening this year

its my yearly being nosey thread. where is everyone going for xmas hols this year. stats only off for me but hope to get to the danseys motor camp claim for a pan at some stage.

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I,m Off down to the claim for 9 days to see if I can make my millions and retire


good luck there robbie. make a couple million then pay someone to do it for you and sit back and collect the cash

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I’m sitting under a curfew in Pointe Noire, Congo, but it’s a nice place to be curfewed in👌
the hotel has a lot of gold-coloured furniture - That’s about as close to any colour as I’m likely to find.

think my trip to danseys might be on hold for a week or two maerewhenua running at 330cumecs today. was 2cumecs when i checked couple days ago. be a very wet weekend for campers at the motor camp

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I’m sure I read somewhere that they closed the camp ground after the river started to rise.

Yeah mate, road at Danseys has been washed out both sides of the pass. Was up there yesterday and it was like a lahar

thanks for that guys. prich has the road been washed out between duntroon and motorcamp or as i suspect maybe near the lavender farm. only going as far as josephs pay claim

I think lavender farm and further up towards top of pass. You should be fine getting to Jo