What wetsuit for COLD water

I’m interested in recommendations for what people’s opinions are as to what is the best / warmest wetsuit for very cold water. I mean with snow and ice about. Not just a bit of a chilly river in summer. Cheers

dry suit.
If youre set on a wetsuit then as anoying as it is get open cell not plush lined as far warmer but youve got to soap or put on wet.
wettie have not bad 7mm 2piece at reasonable price too

If going with the wettie I agree with @gogold - I’ve got one of these Moray Revolution 7mm wetties…

Got good additional padding flaps on knees meant to deal with rough rocks / barnacles. I usually get too hot in this during the summer and have to keep flushing water through to bring my temp down. I’ve happily played in glacier fed rivers when other buddies had to keep timing-out due to getting too cold in traditional dive wet suits. I’ve had this a fair few years now with the odd hole I’ve had to repair and it’s still going well.

A few points though… I added a scupper so I don’t need to take it on and off for a piss as it’s a pain in the arse to get in and out of and I didn’t want to spend the day fermenting in my own piss due to the lack of water that flushes through. Also wears you out a bit as pretty tight fitting so you’re doing a bit of resistance exercise all day just wearing the suit.

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The piss hole is a good idea…I wear cotton overalls over my wetsuit to protect it

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Thanks for the good recommendations guys.

A few different options -


im with you gogold , dry suit only way to keep warm , wetsuits suck in winter

Yeah, I’ve been tempted by a dry suit lately! Any good recommendations regarding brands, models, etc?

i dredge alone often so a front entry drysuit is a must for me , i just cant seem to get my zip shut tight across my back by myself, a pee zip is a must and a good undersuit , get one with a good boot built in , i have both crushed neopreme and the canvas type suits, the neopreme seems to wear faster and requires more weight on your belt , ocean dry is good stuff , otter and northern diver to . i get a build up of air on my back after awhile which i expel by crossing my arms across my chest and purging out . get a wax for your zips and never pull your suit off by the seals . youll definately stay warmer than a wetsuit and safer than hot water , and your dry when u get out if alls going well, i like plenty of room in my suit even if you wanna put on another layer over your under suit, ive dredged with snow on the ground , inside my mask was freezing up and i wasnt cold, but had 2 hoodies on , keep busy , cause you cant feel the cold when your on the gold


With dry suits . Do people use dry suit gloves. Or the dry suit starts at the wrists

ocean dry do a dredgers suit purpose built for the job but $$$$ like 3-4k for a new suit. Ive got a bare xcd2 and its a good high end suit. word of warning trim neck seal 1st get a chart!!! I just about died alone at home when I tried it on- seriously the seal goes over easy but when eyeballs are popping out and youre in a panic it scary as f**k. bruised my neck in the scramble to remove it!!

Front entry is best but still bitch at times as care needs to be taken to pull zip straight.

No need for inflation valve etc unless in deep water, you wont get pinched in under 4-5m more then that youll have to inflate a bit.

leg weights help esp if you didnt release enough air when you get in the water.

gloves theres a few options best is ringlock seals to your suit but lil bit cumbersome and dredging could easy mangle it.
get good pvc gloves and can buy seals at dive shop or trademe and make them yourself. I havnt bothered yet I just neoprene gloves and hood although if I winter dredged id prob need better.


I have a 2nd hand neoprene dry suit I bought as backup but far too small (bought off a retired dredger think its an early oceandry dredger suit). needs new wrist seals theyre fooked(80bux diy or couple hundred at dive shop)
Has wrist valve and booties attatched ( size 10or 11?) could do with a bit of aquaseal on a kneepad tear but no holes. has piss zip also. Neoprene neck seal.

im 100kg 186cm and its too small. prob suit 80 odd kg 170-180cm if anyones keen pm me I dont need it as no chance of ever fitting and cheap as, 150bux as is and its yours.

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