What types of batteries for Minelab Vanquish

Are there any types of batteries that shouldn’t be used with Minelab Vanquish detectors? I see there’s a RNB rechargeable pack, but they aren’t on sale here, and my finances aren’t quite there to get one via an off-shore seller.
I’ve an Energizer Maxi recharge pack from a supermarket, but I’m hesitant to try its batteries I recall the seller of my 340 telling me I shouldn’t use rechargeable batteries because - - I don’t quite remember but I seem to recall it might have related to performance, giving unstable id readings - would these batteries damage the unit or just hit performance? Any ideas/advice?

Rechargable batteries are fine, there was a firmware update that resolved the issue, because rechargables run at a lower voltage of 1.25 volts instead of 1.5 volts the detector was getting confused and thinking the batteries were nearly flat when they were fully charged. The Vanquish 540 comes with Rechargable AA batteries, Minelab branded.

You can get the update here


The part of the update that applies to batteries: The upgrade also includes improved battery handling capability for all models, as well as a new low battery alert.

Even without the update the detector is fine using your rechargeable batteries of any brand of AA, it won’t give less reliable ID’s or worse performance, it might give a low battery warning and shutdown earlier than it should if it doesn’t have the update.

I prefer Eneloop AA rechargeable, the white ones not the Pro’s for my AA battery detectors including my Vanquish, they last well. I was getting them at Countdown but not sure if they have them anymore so might need to look elsewhere if you’re after them. They’re great in high powered devices and excellent quality. Here is a Trademe seller with them, a photography shop which is no surprise as they’re often used in high draw cameras and flashes.



That’s really helpful. Thanks so much.

As it happens, I don’t think my micro USB had a low enough profile (wouldn’t fit in the hole), so I might wait until I can eyeball something later next week in store (Jafa here :blush:), rather than take my chances with online purchasing.

Your advice makes sense about showing less than full charge makes sense, because after my rechargeable batteries had been in the machine for less than half an hour it was to my disgust showing as one less bar. The next time after a two-hour-plus session it was still at the same level – I’d have expected a battery that dived that rapidly to have taken another step down.

Thanks again

Yep, you’re onto it now. You need quite a slimline micro USB so chunky ones don’t fit, that’s normal, make sure you get a data cable and not a charge only cable.

Your detectors acting normal with the rechargeable batteries, it’s expecting 1.5 volt but see’s 1.2 volt of charge so thinks they’ve discharged a bit when they’re actually full. Your current batteries should be fine, worth updating the firmware though.