What is this rock?

Hi guys Just wondering if anyone can guess what this is, it was given to my grandad 81 years ago as a souvenir by a friend of his when he visited a gold mine which he run, i have taken several photos of different sides, the photo does not seem to show the true color of the stone, looks like crystal growing around it.
I have been around the forum for a few years but i just read all the posts, have not really got anything to add because i have not been able to get out.
By the way it weighs 64 Grams.
Thanks mem.

Wrote out the post but couldnt see where to add the photo file ??

Use the upload on the bottom right and scroll to documents to access gallery. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply Cosmo, just cannot see an upload anywhere, Bookmark, Share, Flag, Invite, Reply, Nothing at bottom of page maybe the sun has got to me today.

Click on reply
When the reply box comes up then 7th icon from left in the line of icons at the top of the box is a bar with a little arrow pointing to heaven - click on that
That my friend is the upload button
My partner has two upload buttons!
Best of luck

Thanks Lammerlaw,i remember the days when you used to say you wont get used to all this technology but bit of an expert now.

Thats one dollar next to it.

Looks like pyrite to me

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I had a feeling it might be, but wondered why its so heavy for its size, iron in it ?

I would say that it is Pyrites - as for the technology - well you get used to it - I am self taught and learnt by trial and error - in fact it is thanks to computers that I am the first human to come up with the first sentence with the same word in it but with minor variations and it made perfect sense and it referred to my computer! When it got tough going I simply referred to the computer as the β€˜F***ed F***ing F***er’ - I hate them!

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I had been meaning to post that picture up for a long while, at least i have it confirmed its Pyrite.
Thanks to all.
As for the computer, i am not saying another word it just dont take much to get me going as well.

I forgot to say that I have been guilty of kicking the β€˜On’ button until it twanged over the room and walloping the computer until it did strange things - anything that doesnt do the right thing needs disciplining - even I am a bit errant now and again - thats why I need a bit of B & D occasionally!

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