What is this heavy in the pan

Whats this landed in the bottom of the pan, at first I thaught led but then it’s not soft and it broke. Carbon?

Looks like it could be Galena.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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Looking at the cleavage (that’ll get Lammerlaw in here :slight_smile: I’d go for galena as well. If you want a definitive, I offer free XRF to PD members

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Yes after looking this up it’s a good match to Galena. Thanks.

If its Coromandel it could certainly be Galena - Hmm did someone say cleavage? Where? Where?

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I found this little bugger up moonlight a year or so ago .it’s about 8mm square .kinda looks like pencil graphite but alot more strong .kinda has lines or ridges on 2 sides .
It looks similar .has a good metallic sound when dropped .


An iron pyrite cube? Scratch it - does it show light yellow - if so iron pyrites.


I scratched it with a key and it went yellow but couldn’t scratch it with a knife . But I guess it is iron pyrite . Cheers

Perfect ID, pyrite is 6 to 6.5 on mohs hardness scale, according to the below a knife is softer, a key probably harder.

In Aussie they call those big pyrite cubes “devils dice” and are a good indicator!