What is this... Am I dreaming?

I’m very sceptical about anything on the internet these days, but this just about made me pass out. :rofl::rofl:

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Thats whats commonly called a piss take , there getting more and more common in todays modern times , even our Government is adopting the piss take policy to fool the masses


Reminds me of a story my mate told me about , he spray painted gold on a bunch of pebbles & scattered them about at the arrow fossicking area & sat back for a laugh :joy::joy::joy:.


I was guiding an American couple flyfishing , and the woman was all excited telling me she had found a beautiful rock and could i come look, it turned out it was the remains of a salt block the sheep had almost demolished , i told her i had never seen anything like it , we broke a piece of and she spent all day admiring it , even showed everyone back at the hotel , luckily all the city slickers at the hotel had no idea what it was either


At least it looks like they’re faking this one with real gold nuggets. Yeah, been seeing a few fake ones popping up on YouTube. I guess they do if because if they get the viewing numbers up they get some revenue from YouTube.

Dang it all… I had visions of the early 1800’s when this kind of thing probaly went on, back in the day. Dam these guys for wetting the appetites… time to plan the next panning getaway… with the old slucie in tow too I feel :stuck_out_tongue:

One particular video like this on YouTube has 50 million views, that’s some good revenue gathering

Yep time to get the gold spray paint out!!..lol…
I wish I had a hot tub time machine and we could go back to the 1700’s and pan the shotover and Kaurau rivers for BIG NUGGETS!!..lol


1700 mite be a little too early , their would be a good chance of ending up in the hangi pit around that time so count me out …unless we could take some AR15,s then id be in , however that would mean hopping in the hot tub time machine twice ,1st trip would be to go back before jacinda banned them all , 2nd straight to the Shotover or the Arrow …Im thinking the Arrow so i could dig up Henrys nugget before he gets to it & have bragging rights…but could be convinced either way :slight_smile:


I wonder who that was?

My cobber took his fake gold nuggets up to my place and put them On the window ledge. A short time later someone who had been given permission to go up showed his gratitude by stealing half of them! And people ask why dont l allow people to go there now!


Hard to trust humans these days thats for sure. At least you know now… and that guy with the “permission” to go there… well you know all you need to know about them now too.

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Yes absolutely right - I have a few, very few, very precious friends - two of them one of whom is on this forum took up brand new expensive fry pans - some arsehole took one of the new ones and left a ruined one in its place - at least it made good target practice. Various things have gone walk about.

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yep tried selling them . talk about making a dick out of myself. (well out of the gold so called) a couple of men in funny blue suits came round they had a flashing light on there car roof .i really thought there was a party going on like YMCA. i could have made a good cowboy with my chaps. another story.
i will drop them back some time as long as you dont mind a dick shaped lump of gold

shouldnt have had so much morpheme for tea not thinking straight


As for the video - the only thing other than Henrys painted nuggets and pieces of broken glass he has picked up are bits of shit in the bull paddock! looks good though!