What have I got here?

Yea sorry about that unable to upload more photos

These look like the sash weights I use to hold me in fast water. (12 and 14 Ibs). Think along these lines, No clue with the darker object.

So what do the weights hold?

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Being an old joiner by tradeI would say as said above the rods are sash weights

Sash weights are made of steel; they clang when banged together. They are used as counter weights for windows that go up and down. The weights "hide’ in the window frame. They have holes at one end for the ropes.

Sash weights are to counter balance the weight to help in sliding up & down the old vertical opening windows that were very common in the old colonial houses.

The fact you mentioned they sounded like hollow wood threw me off the path of sash weights as they are made of cast iron & so heavy. Nothing like wood at all. So you could describe the material they are made of more so than you didn’t :wink:. I don’t see any holes in them to take the sash chord either. So may not be sash weights but sure looked like it at first glance & then seeing others comments too.
The 2nd object…a rock.? Again you gave no description. No weight, like light or heavy, any quartz or some things you may recognise. Pretty hard to know from your pics for either item.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:.

Unable to upload more photos memory’s full or something sorry

Now that I have seen your second photos they are not sash weights. As above can you describe better ie: weight, material etc

I don’t have scales sorry I’m guessing 50 ,60 grams like you said … Intresting

Yup very light for what it is. there seems to be quite a bit of it down there do you know if coals are magnetic?

Very smooth 5 inches long half an inch wide ends are rounded off but looks to be compressed on either end