What Have I Found?

Is this some kind of medal? What do you guys think? :nerd_face:


The dates 1914 1919 are WW1.

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World War I (WWI) commemorative medallion issued not long after the war…a good find.


Nice find Goldenboy…Whats the story behind its finding? Congrats too on your gold nugget finds with the GM 1000 making the Minelab Site.

Best of luck out there

JW :slight_smile:

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A bit of a search and i have found a couple of references held by Auckland museum and Tepapa.
A good find well done.

“These badges were being sold by the Dunedin and Timaru Returned Soldiers’ Association in the weeks leading up to the official peace celebrations in July 1919. It was described as the ‘official peace badge’ of the RSA, although its sale was possibly limited to these two districts. Proceeds from the sale of the badge were going towards the Dunedin Soldiers’ Club, and the Timaru War Memorial.”


Thanks guys, that’s just amazing! Really pleased with this find :blush: Was hunting a park, but was told off by a grumpy old man :roll_eyes: Anyway, found this and a silver shilling from 1934 before the encounter haha :innocent: