What do you use on your feet for sniping?

What do you lot wear on your feet? Dive boot soles are too slippery and gummies are no good for swimming in. Trainers don’t last long on rough rocks.
What do you use?

Sandals can be easily taken on & off - light weight too. Some wear gumboots as they dive with a large hole drilled in the back of the heel - drainage when getting out & so one isn’t sucked down by them.
Also get swim fins - shorter than dive flippers & sturdier.

I wear dive socks with my old pair of hunting boots slipped over the top…if you get your foot stuck you can usually slip out of them.

Dive boots are always slippery when new , after a while they come right , get the hard soled one,s .

Old pair of steel cap boots, with wetsuit socks. No need to worry about squashing your toes.

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wear running shoes cos thast wat you gonna need when the claim owner finds ya.


You trying to be funny champ? Ive got access to enough claims ( with permission ) without going somewhere I shouldn’t be.

Boonies kaimai boots have been the best so far insulated and comfortable

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LOL overdog, sorry if I touched a nerve.

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No worries buddy. Been on the other end of claim jumping and I wasn’t happy about it!