What do you do with your finds?

Hi there
Pretty new to all this but really enjoying the fun of not knowing whats going bing bing bing and then finding out.
I have amased a mountain of tear tabs, bottle tops ,lead sinkers and lead nails.if you need a supply of tent pegs im your man.couple of junk rings .keys .and a few coins and weird stuff…

So what do you do with your finds.???
Current coins are easy.might be able to get a beer at the local.
But old silvers.or rings??
Be interested to know your thoughts on what to do with all that metal we dig.

Myself… Keep most of lead/copper brass in buckets then sell it to the scapies as for gold an silver all goes in a very small cup🤣

Just call me Uncle Scrooge! Well not quite that bad - when silver went up 20 times face value of the coins I sold a large preserving jar full and used to give the coppers to kids. I dont go out after coins much but when I do I hoard them but have not got much.

I keep my finds and only sell them if I need an upgrade and spendies won’t cover it.

It’s an extra to throw it in a bag or a bucket, that’s two years worth from the beach, it contained everything the Cook Strait (the real one not me) threw up from the harbour, not exactly a money spinner but why would I decline it?

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