What are the rules?

Hi just wondering if some of you more experienced guys with claims could shed some light on what you would expect in this situation. I am wanting to throw my mask and snorkel on and have a look in a section of a river that I believe could have some old coins and potential old mining artefacts. The thing is there is an active gold claim on the river. I have talked to the doc mining team at the Hokitika office and they said as long as I am not planning on selling any coins or artefacts. Or moving lots of river material it is a recreational activity and fine. They recommend I make contact with the claim owner, I have called every number in the phone book that could possibly be the owner and have come up short. I will not have any gold mining equipment with me, just a mask and snorkel and wet suit. Looking forward to hearing any recommendations about weather this would be ok or not without being able to contact the claim owner?

Im sure there will be someone on here who knows the owner and you should definately talk to them first as a courtesy. As for doc saying you cant sell what you find, that is outside their mandate to make such a comment.


DoC’s advice was actually sound advice. Look on the Petroleum and Minerals Permit map site and see who owns the claim. Petroleum and Minerals may make their contact available to you though l am not sure about that.