What a Weekend!

What’s up coil swingers! :grin:

So, I participated in a competition in metal detecting the other weekend and it turned out quite well I must say. Out of 4 brand new detectors I managed to win 2 and my friend 1. We were around 30 detectorists who competed in the 4 categories: most objects found (buried metal disks), the largest object (by weight), the tiniest object and the oldest coin. We all got 15 minutes to search on a certain area, when the time was up we had a common round up.

By the sound of the final whistle I had found 5 metal disks, 2 coins, some trash and a big lump of molten iron (it must have weighted at least 3 kilos). It turned out we were five contestants who had found 5 disks each, so there was a tie. But since I had found most stuff by weight I was considered to be the winner. Thanks to that big iron lump I also won by “the largest object”. My friend found a tiny piece of aluminum foil, which was rolled like a small ball and thanks to it he won by the “tiniest object”.

I won a XP Deus and the new Gold Monster 1000 from Minelab. My friend won a Garrett AT MAX, which is not even out on the market yet (not in Sweden anyway). In other words, we won 3 awesome detectors to a total value of 33.0000 SEK! :astonished:

Come on, get in! (That is what DDD would have said :joy:)


Would be cool to get the big names to organise and sponsor a seeded hunt out here.

Walking away with two new detectors! :astonished:

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