Whangaparoa Coast

Will be making a bounce trip to Whangaparoa this Friday morning, and have a couple of hours to kill on the 6am low tide before scuttling back norf.

Anyone feeling Christmassy and like to PM me any hot tips on any beaches that have lower than average sand overburden at the moment? :gift:

Heh, competition must be really tough down that way :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face: :sunglasses:
Will have to break out the skills…

Now - To plunder sand or pillage land? :thinking:

MMmmm…Mudflats :heart_eyes:

Yip mud would be best bet that river seen a lot of traffic keep an eye for clay pipes found a few in me bottle collecting days around there …good luck wish I was joining you look forward to seeing the Vickie silver