Wetsuit what do people use/wear underneath

Hi team.What do people wear under there wetsuit. After 3 days in the river my body is quite tender in places

I’ve had a few. Usually keep an eye on trade me. I usually get ones with good knee protection, but still add kneepads of some sort. 2 piece is good for a double layer over your torso so a 2 piece 7mm is good but 7mm makes it tougher to move so you usr more energy. When warmer a 5mm is good. A 1 piece I find seems to let less water in. Not something good in a cold mountain stream. Over time I’ve come to realise a good custom made would be best. A good fit prob will keep you warmer. A well place zip to pee would be an idea, like across the front on a diagonal. And you’d need to consider whether you want an I build hood or a seperate hood. Again I reckon an inbuilt hood would allow less water in. Prob depends how snug it fits too. Too loose and the hood might twist about a bit under a mask. if you have a thinner suit you can always add a vest or the top of say a 7mm over the first suit. Finally, get some good gloves and socks. 5mm neoprene if possible. Seam welded not the sewn together ones as abrasion will wear out the stitching. A pair of those orange gloves they sell at blackwoods will get more life out of your gloves. Hope this helps.


I have a good wetsuits a 7mm 2 price. And a 5mm semi dry 2 piece that I prefer. Also have a dry suit. I wear overalls over top of my wetsuit to protect them. But the question I asked was what do people wear under there wetsuit.

Hi Laidlw

We used to wear a long sleeved poly prop top and poly prop type long johns. Tuck the bottoms into a pair of light socks, when putting the suit on. Makes it easier to put the suit on, plus stops chaffing. Also keeps you a bit warmer in cold water. End of day and washing up, slip out of wet suit and just wear the poly props. Keeps the flying critters at bay.

Cheers Trev


I only wore a pair of swimming togs - back in the day. Ironically enough two years ago l was given two brand new suits, one a 5mm and one a 7mm and dont dive for gold now. I also have a ‘new’ old Apollo suit but cant get into it!


I only were undies and a tee shirt and that has sorted the chafing issues. I was consistently in the wetsuit 7 to 8 hrs a day. For your info I started with 7mm 2 piece suits but these are murder to wear as there is reduced mobility. I now use loose fitting 2 piece 5 mm suits with a pee zip fitted. I always use hot water supply so the suit doesn’t have to be tight fitting. Hot water will migrate all around the wet suit because to is loose fitting and makes for a less stressful experience for the muscles when shifting tons of rock a day. You just have to ensure there is plenty of water outlets in the suit to improve hot water circulation.

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Undies only here. I had Apollo and Moray Suits but dont know the brand of the two I have currently though both are home here, one a five mm and the other a 7mm.

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