Wetsuit advice please

Hi all. Can anybody offer me any advice on where to get a good wetsuit suitable for a bit of summer dredging/sniping in shallow water? I’m not after a top of the range drysuit, just something that will do the job and not get me in trouble with the wife for spending too much.

Deep blue diving. Reasonable prices. A few options to choose from. Kneepads come in useful when sniping, saves the wear on the suit.

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Thanks, I’ll have a look.

Trade me in the winter is a good time to buy a suit rather than paying 5-600 for something that will end up with holes in it pretty quick (shallow water is the worst ) you can pic up a near new ones for $1-200 .

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Thank for that. I’ve actually just found one on there that is half price so that should do me.

Cheers, Kieran

Talk about hiding the suit from the wife,i bought a drysuit which came with the courier package and the recipient was taped on the box mate had to sleep in car cause the woman was so angry she locked me out of the house


at least you would have stay dry in the suit


Gee sounds like someone doesn’t want a share of the gold!

Ocean hunter all the way have used these guys whenever there is a sale on a 7mm and 5mm suits. Get tbe commercial suits. You have to lube up to get in them but have lasted me 3 years so far and can dredge still in central otago winter usually without hot water

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Don’t be like me…in 1990 I bought an 8mm suit. Fucking disaster. You can’t bend your legs and arms and when you try to send them they try to twang out straight again sort of like a rubber band. You could hold a rock in your hand and a mate could pull ya hand back and let it go…you would catapault the rock like one of those medieval seige catapaults! I think it was an Apollo brand…probably can’t get them now.
I used to buy Moray brand 7mm prior to that.
My last one was 7mm Pro Dive.
I was at a sporting shop and all their suits were 5mm. Very pliable and very light. I commented that they could not be near as good as my old 7mm suits had been and he said that new technology and materials made them lighter and just as warm. I wonder at their durability though.

Hint…cut car Tyre tubes into bits for knee pads…saves legs from wearing through and saves a lot of money in the long run.

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Skateboarding knee & elbow pads are good - sometimes can get for cheap used.
Even heavy duty hockey goal keeper gloves might be the go:

The kneeguard shown is hockey goal keepers.
I also wear merino womens mittens (because they are thin) under the wetsuit goves for extra warmth (pictured).


I have a 5mm new suit have to use dish wash liquid and water to get it on tho but keeps warm I also use cotton overalls over top to protect the wetsuit


I used to use the stuff for calving, smear it all over your arm for putting up somewhere for pulling calves out super slippery.