Westiedigger 2019

On the road for work. Brought along my ctx and a Ace250 for a workmate who had been wanting to have ago.
Hit a bark playground as the best place for a newby to begin forgot a second headset so bing bing bong with the garret chimes booming across the reserve, he was off with the ace and first target was a $2 there was no stopping him after that he ended up with $6 and a unique homemade miniture tobacco pipe with a 1 cent soldered on it.
I did a bit better with the spendies also a junker tigers eye ring and an 1908 half penny in immaculate condition.
Workmate keen as to get a detector now so steering him towards an equinox 800.


Great finds - looks like some dope lost his pipe - is that a pun?


That 1908 half penny is in fantastic condition. HH&GL.

You forgot there’s a speaker volume fitted on that Monster Ace, didn’t you?

Beaut ha’penny.

Nice .925 bracelet I founda week or so ago.


On the beach tonight found a .925 pandora charm with stones, a 1999 Aussie comemorative $1 and another Poppy coin.
Got a few spendies as well and met a couple of friendly detectorists.


Last hunt for 2019. An immaculate 1942 silver half crown a few spendies and a hot wheels toy car