Western southland noob

Hi there… new to the forum and looking to get back into a bit of panning/sluicing.
Im in western southland but willing to travel a bit… was pondering going beach panning at orepuki to see if ive still got the knack.
Anyway Hi

You may want to check out the nzpam mineral webmaps to see if that area is under claim, and if so, ask the claim holder.

Do the beach claims apply below high water mark? Just curious.


Hi MK,
Every claim will be different, but the NZPAM webmap will give some guidance- many will I suspect.
My advice is, if in doubt contact the claim owner.

Thanks for your comment Mangrove.
Unlikely that it will affect me these days but if it can apply below high water
that does not sit well with me. The beach strip should be for everyone and whatever
legitimate pastime they wish to pursue IMO. But perhaps if I had the gold fever I would see it differently. :slight_smile:


Evening… oropuki itself is under claim, i was thinking about looking at monkey island or to the west of the claim boundary… it sounds like the claim holder might not be too friendly (but i would be glad to be proved wrong!) so i figure a wee look about outside might be the best idea… otherwise maybe up the waiau river for a wee look… that area isnt under claim as far as i can see…

further investigations will be undertaken… (as whiskey and time allow!)

cheers fish

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The waiau river may not be under claim but a cocky dredges it and thinks it’s his. Apparently does ok as well

Cheers for the heads up… at least these 2 places give me some options to explore