Western Australia Rare Find

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Pretty cool find alright be interesting if they flog it what they get for it

Pretty facinating that it was found way out there.
Someone on here found a Roman coin in a nz harbour (I forget which), likely thrown/misplaced there by a more modern person, but you just never know!
Spanish, portuguese, perhaps 16th century English or French items can be found here, keep going hard :sunglasses:

Hmm, going to put my sceptical hat on here.
Found by a film crew doing a documentary, with it being an inch down and no erosion to detail or green crusty bits on the bronze?

Good way to drum up some free advertising for the film. “It’s being studied and could rewrite the history of Australia”
The new Piltdown Man maybe
(One sold at auction just over a year ago for USD$860 - not this one though)

I really hope the camera work improves for the rest of the documentary too. :wink: