West coast gold rush: father-son duo strikes internet gold

Anthony and Dillon Thom, known as “The Sluicers” on social media, have found their gold prospecting videos amassing millions of views, with an astonishing reach of up to 100 million.

17-year-old Dillon Thom spoke of the surprising impact their adventures have had on their viewers. “The number of people who have messaged me and said they’ve been inspired to have trips over to New Zealand and the West Coast from overseas to find gold is crazy,” he said.

“We keep the nuggets and the more sentimental finds,” says Dillon, who has found a sense of connection to the land and its history. He describes the thrill of the hunt: “You are 50km from anywhere with no sounds, only the creek, the birds and you… It just keeps you coming back. Once you start it’s hard to stop.”

GO THE SLUICERS!:confetti_ball: :partying_face::cowboy_hat_face::+1:


Well done. I was wondering why they hadn’t posted on here for ages. Mind you… not a lot of people have been. I don’t do Facebook so most likely miss out on a lot. Facebook is probably why forums seem to be dwindling world wide.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


I figured they were doing well, but they’re doing better than I though! Good on them! :slight_smile:

I’d come to the same conclusion but been sticking with the forum as it persists useful information in a bit more permanent state rather than ethereal bites on a feed. Also figured things drop off a bit in winter.

I must admit that I’m absent a lot myself. Working on the computer all day, being a computer nerd, I try to take a break after hours :wink:


All good Gav. I’m not putting any blame on you. I just think it is the times. I come on here most days for a squizze & gobsmacked at how quiet it is & has been for quite a while. I guess winter does have an affect. Hasn’t stopped me from getting out most weekends for a detect somewhere. Just my last 4 have been skunks & so nothing to share.

Best of luck out there.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


I’ll try put up a post after Sundays mission :crossed_fingers:


Yeah those guys are doing well… Dillion is passionate and positive in his gold prospecting adventures and comes across well…They’ve had a couple of shorts that have gone off the charts and their long form vids consistently good. … going on missions and posting often, they also have been doing well on the shorts vids on YouTube which you scroll through on your phone in vertical format… you can also post the same form vid in FB reels, instagram and ticcytoc which can go viral. All these formats pay you after you get a certain amount of subscribers which is a bonus… pays for a bit of gas and gear which is one of the reasons why us youtubers try and promote our channels as every little bit helps… such as Chrisco and Jade and Dillion are monetized and I am only 27 subs short of going semi pro when I get to 1000 subs…
yes you guys should get on Facebook… you can set your privacy settings high and enjoy joining some great groups on fellow gold prospectors from around the world… this forum is still good as all conversations are archived so you can go way back on some real gems…some good reading as winter continues to kick our arse.Mal


I still consider this the gold standard nz forum😉 Iv looked at the fb forums and they seem to be filled with people that have little or no regard for the unwritten rules of gold mining. Got a bit frustrated with the lack of respect for claim owners etc on there. Paydirts been solid for years, Im on a new account here now, but Id say Iv been a member for 10 years+. Have gatheted so much knowledge through the forum and awesome advice. At the end of the day it cant be replicated. Appreciate all the work you’ve put into it over the years Gavin.Cherrs mate👍


Put a link up mal ill join if i haven’t already, Facebook has changed its payment methods ( look at Vo-Gus Prospecting on Facebook)so you tube is the best option at the moment pretty awesome job by the sluices aye


Thanks heaps bro! Legend!


Yeah this Forum is 100% the best, just sadly not the same reach as Facebook or even Youtube, so sadly haven’t been on it as much recently, love chatting on here though, 100% the best.


Cheers bro, thanks heaps!

Sadly Youtube is the only one that pays to New Zealand, Tiktok, Instagram and (I believe facebook but I don’t upload on there), just keep any revunue and dont share any to NZ, and youtube shorts pays about 5cents per 1000 views so its pretty minimal but still a nice bonus and that combined with the Patron supporters pays for the gas for each trip and the odd new bit of gear, so it really is a great hobby to have! And who knows maybe can make it full time that + the gold one day.