West coast gold / dredging claim for sale on Trademe

Are you looking for a new hobby or full time job? Why not this here?

Be your own boss. Would also be suitable for a group of hobby miners. Two DOC huts are close by. It can hardly get any better.

Please contact the owners directly.

Know the Seven mile well as i had a claim in the creek back in the 90s. The fan running into the Taipo was extensively dig over by Pat Fitzgerald with three diggers working around the clock, i see this is area is part of the claim.The bed rock areas were worked by the Dillions for a number of years up until the 60s.I also worked this area. The section just inside the start of the gorge would be the only area of value.The early miners diverted the creek through a tunnel working the bottom as well.


There is usually ONE good reason that claims come up for sale these days. Little to no gold left. The “political” red tape doesn’t help either.