West Coast Adventures

Hey guys!

I begin my journey up North tomorrow, panning my way up along the West Coast. The plan is to visit every public fossicking area and hopefully find a few colors on the way :cowboy_hat_face:

Would be nice if anyone wants to meet up for some adventures. I’m always keen on everything that involves gold, metal detecting, bottle digging, relic hunting, gemstone and fossil hunting etc :nerd_face: Let me know if you’re keen!



ill be at slab hut creek and/or moonlight over the next couple days but I guess you wont be that far up. depending where you are starting from.

Starting from Alexandra, so will probably take me a few weeks to get up there. Lots of panning to be done on the way… hehe :nerd_face: Are you there regularly? Maybe we can meet up there another time :innocent:

not there often at all. only been to moonlight once and never been to slab hut. happy hunting anyway.

Sooo… What adventure’s hath thee around my old village of Alex my good Sir??? Some pretty cool spots (on private and docock land) hidden away… And not, so much layers of history in that place, from fossilized mussels from one of the world’s biggest lakes including flamingos and crocs 30,000,000 years ago, to Hartley and Reilly picking the gold out of rock pools all the way up the clutha… Love it!

Alexandra is awesome, lots of history and gold to be found. Went to the museum in town, really interesting. Also went to that old lake you’re talking about looking for fossils, found plenty of old plants, but all to fragile to keep unfortunately. They just fell apart :slightly_frowning_face: No public areas around here and I’m way too paranoid to get onto private land without permission. Don’t even know how to find out who the land owner is… Don’t want to step on anybody’s toes so better not. But if you’ve got any tips on where to pan without getting into trouble I’m listening :ear:West Coast can wait if something more interesting turns up on the way :nerd_face:

Thanks! Wish you the same :innocent:

Well I wouldn’t know where to start on places, as everywhere in central has history, but you need to go to a pggwrightsons store and buy a farm location map… And make sure also it’s nowhere in otago… At all…

Oh, so there is a map. Great! Will look into that tomorrow. What do you mean by make sure it’s nowhere in Otago?

Ha, nothing… I just know your detector is way better than mine!

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Ahaha good one :joy: Hey if you’ve got time maybe we could go panning, or detecting somewhere? Could stay around for a few days if you’re keen. PM me if you feel for it :blush: Kinda boring, and a bit dangerous, to always be alone when out in the bush…

I now live in rannerz, a hotspot of interesting locations for any budding adventurer if you are headed this way?

Maybe. I don’t really have a plan hehe. Trying to find it on the map… Rannerz, is that right? Can’t find it hmm :thinking:

Sorry, I meant ranvegas, aka Ranfurly… The destination of kings… In the heart of the maniototo

Aha, found it! I guess I could go there if you wanted to meet up :innocent:

Well bro I’ve a couple of spare rooms, I have a broken ankle, and not mobile. So need a chauffeur, and a detecting bud… You’re more than welcome in ranvegas!

look me up when you get north of Westport ill give you a day in the hills westcoast style


went to moonlight and slab hut. wont be in a hurry to go back to moonlight but slab hut creek is a nice wee spot when you get that far up.

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Hey Kiwikeith!

Will do for sure, always intended to get in touch with you :blush: Got a bit distracted, so ended up in Ranfurly. I’ll let you know when I’m going to Hector.

Cheers mate :cowboy_hat_face:

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