West Auckland this Weekend

Going to be in town with family this weekend, however I have been given a Get Out of Jail Free card and permission to take the magic wand down - In my wifes’ car, no less. “I don’t want any mud or sand in there!”
She’s a keeper!

So, anyone want to meet up for a few hours hunting Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning? Happy to swing the coil anywhere really.

At the moment, I’m eyeing up Herald Island (That’s not Herald above BTW) - I know it’s been done to death, but it’s local and equals more digging time



Hah, sniped two golds out from under the Auckland lads on Saturday.
Genuinely surprised, and given the several kilos of marine brass that was just under the surface, I’d say not many had been before…


Nice haul there MW. Well done.

What drew you to that place? It looks uninviting to beach goers with a few places for access, or can the horrible looking mud be worth it?

There’s (once) golden sand under a lot of upper harbour mud, sand usually stained grey now. Before the massive bush clearances from the mid 19th century onwards, these were very nice beaches - and the Victorians loved their boating picnics, but weren’t keen swimmers so used to land, find a big tree and have their day out.

Plus, the modern trash is usually very low compared to the popular beaches of today and coins etc are usually very well preserved in the anaerobic black, stinky mud.

…And you aren’t constantly bombarded by, “Found anything?” “Is that a metal detector?” or the never gets old, “Beep…Beep BEEP BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP!!!” etc.