Were can i find old maps of NZ

Hows the hunting going??

Just wondering if any one knows were to find old nz maps??

Think ill do some research before i go out next…

NZ Topo Map - current topo maps

MapsPast - historical topo maps

Papers Past - archive of historical newspapers


Whangarei Library

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Awesome man going to do some research now…

Maps | Land Information New Zealand (LINZ)

nz petroleum and minerals permit map. turn base layer onto topographic nz and your away laughing… added bonus of making sure your not on someone else’s claim. highly recommend it. pretty sure the law stating you can shoot claim jumpers has never been repealed … lol

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Great links Mudwiggle, thanks for posting. I was looking for some vintage maps too. Btw, do you know how to contact that site’s owner? (Mapspast). I was seeking some maps between 1920-49 specifically, which aren’t there).

Where about do you want maps for - I own sets of maps for all of the Otago Acclimatisation Societies area back prior to 1900 - a bit dog eared, ripped, cut, mutilated and monstered but maybe 50 or so of them of all areas within their region.
If need be I could photograph any maps of the areas you want.

Likewise, what areas are you after, as I have some areas that aren’t listed on MapsPast