Well it aint the goose who laid the golden egg!

Another case of smuggled gold. Plane passenger smuggled gold up his butt to avoid paying 18% tax. I guess that in this case both he AND the customs men were in the shit but in different ways!


Now that must have been very awkward!! :laughing:

Its all very scientific because there are many scenarios here - Sherlock Holmes would deduce the fact that he was evidently heading for the top end of India as the gold was up the Khyber Pass, he probably tried to get the customs officer to butt out, he got in the shit, the gold was his lucky investment and yet he shitted out of luck and at the end of the day I bet he was a very shitty person in more ways than one! In fact he probably got quite anal about the entire episode however theres a learning curve here and if he has any intelligence he will go home and anal-ize where he went wrong.


Takes a new meaning to the golden hole.:joy:

A hole lot of nuggys!

Come to think of it I assume that the porn term ‘glory hole’ refers to people who shove gold bars up the hole where the sun dont shine.

Ha, well it certainly was buried treasure!

the old glory hole . thats why i dont take any shirt lifters panning , they are always looking for a way to the glory hole while im panning.
they say they are taking a rod to do some moon fishing. never want to see the rod or the tackle that comes with it.

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Sounds like hard *ock mining!

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some reason just dont have the balls for that sort of mining.

I noticed that they have a ball mill at Macraes - I wonder if that is significant. Some good blokes work there and I cant imagine them mining in the sludge channel…like customs officers seem to engage in.

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Puts a new twist on the saying, “Shit a brick” :rofl:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

it could simply be a very rare medical condition where the patient literally shits gold