We need another Competition

It’s been a bit slow around here this year.
We’ve got a few new additions, but many veterans have been quiet lately (myself included).
It’s understandable, the new year can be a busy time, the wild autumn weather keeps people indoors.

Maybe not quiet…just elsewhere?

I go out in the wild autumn weather - it’s the 32° summer days that keep me in!

If you want to start a comp, I’ll throw a couple of musket balls into the kitty.

Do you mean the facebook thing?

@mudwiggle not sure what do make the competition about. Probably best find. Perhaps Bonus for best coin, or oldest coin (including token). All voted on by members.

Yes its the book with a face thats to blame for stealing the senior members!! Lets march up with flaming torches and pitchforks to take them back! or spend the next 5yrs digging and posting treasure on here to become senior ourselves. ( sorry got carried away lol)

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i like the flaming torches idea…yokels are funny!

Your a trouble maker Pandemic - but i’m in for a challenge.

Shady :beers:


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I joined a facebook detecting group. Not many posters - kept getting loads of posts from american detectorists (ads?). I can’t understand why people would bother, seems like the old bookface gets worse and worse by the day.
Also with people ‘presenting themselves in the best light’ makes one suspicious of how genuine some of the posts are.

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Me thro in a couple of Treasure Hunting mags.

Eric is the comp man - see what he thinks perhaps.


Just a random idea north island versus south.coins only total face value of modern and old team with the most :dollar::dollar::dollar: has bragging rights


No…no that won’t do at all.
I’ve sucked the Far North dry of goldies and sold my money machine to the other island.


North verses south, what a crackup. Livin in the far north - born in the south so would that mean i could enter both sides…
Happy hunting.



That means your hunting ground is cook straight

Found 20c you missed at sandy bay😊

Ha Ha

Note only the one refreshment.


I am keen on a competition

I’m a noob oh but I’m down. Located in lower hutt.