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WD18 Madonna and Elvis

I thought I had found Jesus and Elvis at the beach today but it was his Mum. Junk metal made in Italy.Reads - Mary who concieved without sin pray for us who have recourse to thee. 1830
Found it on google.


Ha…Small world. Found one of those a couple of days ago (although mine has had a much harder life!)

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Cruising the tail of the fish for work. A detour around a closed road pushed me out to the coast, find myself at the southern end of a popular beach i noticed storm erosion.
A hour or so later my workmates were bored with trying to fish and were low on beverages.
As the responsible driver it was time to go. Results $4.20 mankey spendies and other decimal coins.
Not shown a copper moterbike radiator and a lot of woody cans


A bush walk to a swimming hole one of my workmates remembered from his childhood. Just beer bottle caps and hot rocks.
Lovely spot for a swim - even risked submerging the CTX.


Beat ya to it :wink:


Do you know what is in the hot rocks my ctx says they are copper or bronze?

Iron or manganese, those are 26 million year old basalt flows. Have got a few streams locally that have shown traces of gold in the sediments - that isn’t one of them.

Cool thanks. I didnt take any away. I was wondering as they had such differant numbers to the Auckland hot rocks.

Quicky after work.
Silver 6p some spendies and a 1860s halfpenny. Cant quite get last digit of the date.
Pretty sure this is my new oldest coin.


Congratulations on new oldest coin.:grinning:

Fun hunt today, missed the tide so hit a park for an hour.
A Miniture tobacco pipe.
1930 country Womans institute badge
1988 South Afrika 5c
And usual 1c 2c etc

Nothing amazing but enjoyable day.


Photo from web of similer Country Womans Institute badge459470445_mepl


Yes Officer, it’s for miniature tobacco…honestly. :male_detective:


Forking good day at the well thrashed Madonna and Elvis Beach.
The Ship Penny and bent 1937 3p really made my day as this spots been really been done over in the past.


Art Deco necklace?
Ship penny is cool.

Good work on the ship.
(Bit of trivia: it’s the Golden Hind, and was originally intended to go on the half crown, but ended up on the ha’penny)

Did my usual Friday night round the beach and playground.
Got a few spendies and the only ring was a 316 Stainless ring size 9. At least it was hallmarked saved wasting acid on a test.



On the road for work and Went to a park tonight. Was Suprisingly trashy. Decided to just dig the deep signals. Found the strange brass wotzit. Finally my home coins which were 2 silvers in a pocket spill and so headed back to motel to warm up before the crazy spilled out of the pubs.


Nice silver spill bud. Was this at bower park per chance my misses saw someone detecting there last night?

No. Wrong park, Right city. :wink:

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