WD17 The waters Beckon

2017 started off nice with a big fat 1938 aussied florin. It was nearby to a penny so if I hadn’t rechecked the hole in may have missed it

Then a few hunts at an old water hole gave up some nice goodies including this copper tag that’s pretty cool I picked up 2 more Silver nz shillings was back to the city where I meet up with another detector to hit MB on the low tides. Beach had 4 coils on it which was kind of fun the goodies were not over whelming but it was a nice day and satisfied my ambition to search MB on a really low tide


Great stuff and nice pics, good luck for 2017. The Aus Florin is a sweet coin

like the look of that beach got gold vibes from here.

Nice one Westie.



From the playground about 4 inches down in the bark. Looked the part but only gold plated.


That’s a bummer
Well I guess it looks good in your treasure box.
Is the base metal any good - silver perhaps?

Nice evening on the beach at low tide. Chunky silver .925 ring in first hole.


On the road for work and went for a detect in a park tonight. From beneath a ancient pine stump i got my new Oldest coin tonight.
A 1876 Victorian penny.
The coin is in better condition than it appears in the photo.


Awesome WD 1876, nice one.


Called into The 3p Spot for an hour.
Got a lovely 1946 NZ 3p Silver for my efforts.


Nice silvers. Can’t wait to find some of my own.

Always nice to get the Silvers!! What are the other coins beside the nz penny ? or are they too far gone to recognise!

1 cents and 2 cent, the soil at that spot just destroys them.
Old britainia pennys survive the best in that spots soil followed by silver.

Far out they sure have taken a beating. Amazing how the different base metals can help with some coins lasting in certain ground conditions and not others!

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When that black coating on the nz penny dries out and falls off it will take off all the detail on that coin too.

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A $3.50 spendies, $2 ozzy and a 1936 silver sixpence from the 3p Spot between the rainshowers today.


You are on to a good spot there WD. Keep on swingin !!

Don’t forget to enter the competition:

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Managed to sneak my detecter into the car for a road trip.
Hit a few playgrounds along the way till i found an old campground and managed to get permission from the Trustees.
Pockets spills everywhere, one withnice old gold ring and another spill with a florin half crown and shilling.


The elusive virgin spot! Congrats man!!