Water Proof Coils

Any one know of a waterproof coil that works with a GP 3500 or GPX 4000?

Cheers in advance

Go for a Coiltek.

You might be able to find a second hand one too.

Can personally recommend Dan ( Dredgenz on here) for excellent customer service if you go Coiltek. :+1:

Thanks, but I’m trying to find out is if any one knows of a water proof coil that fits a GP or GPX style detector. I have looked at Minelab and coiltek websites, and either site has a speific PI detctor water proof coil. I dont want to have a sdc 2300. So in the absence of water proof coild, any suggestions on how to waterproof a coil would be appreciated.

The coils are already water resistant, and presuming you’re not wanting to go deeper than a couple of feet, a degrease and sealing the coil entry with Sikaflex221 should do the job, feather it out up the lead and also over the coil housing.

Don’t use silicone, as that loses its adhesion over time.

Coiltek Elite & Goldstalker work with GPX detectors.
Not sure if the Elite are waterproof, in the past they were.
Coils are fairly easy to waterproof with some plumbing tape (at least to 2m).

Thanks team, shame that minelab don’'t do a specific coil, guess they just want folks to keep buying specialised detectors from them.

My minelab coils do pretty good to 2m with silicon plumbing tape.
I also got some thicker black tape from Bunnings, cost a fair bit, but stretches out to 3x length and sticks to self. Does the job.

It’s a shame Minelab don’t do a bit extra for the waterproofing. I guess they just don’t want to guarantee their coils for that. They have silicon under the cable screwdown - but as mudwiggle said - it wears out over time.

The problem is in the tightening up of the legal definition of “waterproof”, which is why the majority of ‘wet’ watches are only water resistant to X metres. (For instance, my watch is “water Resistant” to 100m.…! But technically not able to be classified as waterproof.) Chances are the coils are “waterproof” to a reasonable degree already - wouldn’t be much of a market if they sucked water off wet grass.

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My Minelab coil was reasonably waterproof with the silicon, but it did break down over time. When I opened it up, I could see that. Now that I’ve used silicon plumbers tape and special black plumbing tape - it’s completely waterproof.
There is only one entrance to the coil, that is the cable connection. It’s an easy thing to waterproof.

I thought all coils were inherently waterproof? Even the cheapy Chinese ones usually say waterproof coil (although they may have a different sort of water over there)

Hi Dave,
These coils from Coiltek are rated as “fully submersible” and they both are compatible with a GP 3500 and a GPX 4000.

This might be of interest to you Dave. Compatibility Chart.pdf (422.7 KB)

Thanx Dan
Will be right back at you in the next day or two.