Watch "Abyss Dredging - The Cost Of YouTube" on YouTube

Abyss Dredging close their YouTube channel.

Thanks guys for your great content over the years and amazing gold. I think you gave everyone gold fever, good luck with your future ventures. Heads down bums up time, get the hot water on an get into some pay dirt.


That sucks love their work but wish them the best of luck in the future


Well that sucks was one of the best channels on YouTube. Rex and Darren I wish you guys well in your mining operation you guys got me out there doing my own videos and I hope to catch up with you guys in the future. Regards Big Stu


does suck i love there vids, but if i was full time dredging doubt id want it all over you tube , unless it had financial rewards but thats just me , dont even bother with facebook anymore


Not to mention the time involved/wasted in shooting footage out in the field when you should be head down arse up doing the grind looking for gold. Then back at home, all the time involved editing etc.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


ABYSS DREDGING thanks everyone for the kind comments. This photo from Abyss HQ this morning.


Sure was the best channel on dredging. Thanks for all the practical advice and tips about dredging Rex and Darren. Sure inspired this old fella to have a go.

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