Wanting to mine or buy claim southisland new zealand

Hello everyone I am wanting to get on board with someone to mine on west coast south island or possibly buy.any help would great cheers

What kinda of equipment do U have?

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Hello dan123 currently I am in the works of building a gold trommel plant. What did you have in mind ? And do you have a claim etc

Hey man I don’t have a claim working on a couple of dredging claims about
to start building a 6inch dredge and maybe give Dan a ring at dredge NZ
might be able to put you in contact with someone who can help but I’d be
careful buying someone’s claim most of the time they selling due gold
drying up , to much overburden or they can’t find it

Atm just looking at getting a claim to suss before summer next year as I am
working on building a gold trommel in the mean time. What have you got ?
And where you located

Hey man what’s the dredging process like I’m moving to west coast end of
the year. Looks pretty decent never done dredging so might look into it as

I’m in Greymouth and currently have a 4 inch dredge work’s well I find
5-10grams a day at the moment cost me about 30 dollars a day that’s dredge
gas and getting to the claim so it’s really cheap mining

Nice, do you do it full time ? Did you build it all by hand ya dredge or brought the dredge ?

Brought the dredge but building the next 1 and part time 3-4 days a week and short days due to winter waters pretty cold now

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That’s good going tho. Keen to have a look at the whole process when I move over there. Keen to show me the going ? Any way to get a hold of ya Facebook etc?

Yea I can show you and my numbers 0273586955