Wanting to know road conditions Aorere fossick area

Im wanting to get to road fossick area
from Collingwood to 15mile creek is it ok with a normal 2 wd rental campervan
any place to park up and get the pan out
the one thats further away like 30minute s out up to Browns hut corner if thats a bit rough on a renal Ill just leave it.
I just want to exit the car and walk some terrain up to 1km from the Aorere valley main road

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It’s the start of the Heaphy Track so that road gets a lot of traffic and is in great condition. Did the Heaphy about a year ago and can confirm the road is good.

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very helpful Gavin, has anyone been over there recently since Takaka roads were damaged that way, I’ll take its still good like you advise

Hi Sioux
Just got back from the Rocky River about 15 minutes ago. Giving the 4500 a run. Roads are good - a few roadworks on the Takaka hill and a few before Collingwood. But did the trip back to Richmond in a bit over 2 hours. 4 hour + hike out of Rocky and I’m buggered. Me thinks you might have the right idea of park and pan.

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really helpful a 2 hour trip ok ,GL
Any lick wiht the 4500 presume thats a metal detecta

Probably 2.5 hrs depending on how far up the valley you are going.
No just a recon of the area. No luck swinging but more just getting to know the area for a couple of days.
Minelab GPX4500.