Wanting a claim

Hi all
I would like to get my own claim but with the prices going up i was thinking off getting 4-6 like minded people together and getting a claim that way. I know nothing of the process but i think together we could work it out. I thought of 4-6 people say put in $3-$4k each get together and decide what to do and where to go. Im only putting this idea out there there must be others keen any info or help would be great . Thanks



hi,to apply for a new claim,with all the work done for you is around 5000.00 their are people who do all the complicated work involved ,and it is quite alot of work ,all you need do is pay their fee and the application fee.just a matter of finding somewhere.

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Yes I agree with knl. The NZPAM fee is $3271.11 and a consultants fee to prepare, lodge and process to grant brings it up to less than $5,000

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Hey guys thanks for the info i will be doing a bit of research soon then will start looking for a spot keen as to get dredge back in the water

I recommend viv bull . She has helped me with my claim . Made all the hard work easy. Very resonable priced came in around the $4500 mark for everything.
Any questions or her contact message me.

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These prices you guys are talking is that from finding a place to putting claim in to starting to mine

To answer your question. The cost I have indiacted is for lodging your claim with nzpams and all the necessary paperwork involved with that lodgment. This gives you exclusive mineral rights for the mineral you are mining which in this case is gold.

Depending on where your claim is will depend on what other costs are involved. An example of what the other costs may be is:
Linz access agreement fees
Doc access agreement fees
Resource consent fees if your claim is notifiabe. In otago generally the resource consent fees are if you operate over 6 inch dredge or if you are in a galaxiid protected waterway. There are also other restrictions but im not going to bore you with the detail. Check out the restrictions on the orc website under the water management plan.

Presumably the "finding"part of your question is done by you going out and gathering Intel to prove if your area you want to claim is viable. Cost =your time.

If you use a consultant they can provide you with the proper advice and steer you in the right direction.


The reference of $4,500 by Viv, is that all inclusive of river status reports, linz and doc fees and consents, or just the MP?

Doc, council,iwi, etc can run you into the tens of thousands of dollars

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thats what i thought. have done a few for 5k to do paperwork for the entire process and they pay the incurred costs - river status, doc , linz, consents, etc…

You will need to factor in the cost of at least one good nightvision deer camera.
Otherwise claim jumpers could come in and take the lot.

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@shootguts While I myself have no experience with purchasing a claim, a bloke I know who has owned several claims ran into a problem which I thought is worth sharing. :wink: His claim ran along a public road for a short distance but the best gold was found in through a narrow gorge. The only suitable access was by the landowner’s farm track but the claim holder was refused entry. :cry: In my humble experience even if access is granted by a landowner once people see $$$$ often they change their mind or want something in return. The new health and safety laws can also be an issue. The bottom line here was to sell on the claim at a loss. :sob:

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That’s why prior to getting a claim it’s always good to start negotiations re access with the landowner. Like anything it’s about starting and fostering a relationship with these types of people. If the gold great on the claim and they can’t get access to the river then they should be looking at helicoptering their gear in. It all comes down to economics and taking a pragmatic buisness approach to your claim.

Re the health and safety laws this is just a storm in a tea cup. Realistically there’s alot of misinformation out there about this. NZPAM coudnt give a damn about hobby gold miners and health and safety requirements. There job is to ensure mineral resources are managed in an appropriate way on behalf of the crown. If your a hobby miner it’s no different to say a hobby fisherman or whatever and last time I checked there was no H&S requirements for these guys. If your claim is being used as a buisness or you are employing someone on your claim it’s a slightly different story as you will have responsibilities under the workplace H&S act. But once again these requirements are relatively straightforward and can be justified from a buisness perspective if the economics of your claim stack up.


Just be aware you need to tick a few boxes with NZPAM for the permits. Financial information etc. I’ve just got one under application and can give you some pointers if you need it.

Cost will depend on area and known information regarding geology etc.

Get in now before the fees go up.

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Thanks for all the information all these things are good to know not sure when i will get there but its still a dream thats for sure

Ended up selling the dredge to buy the wife a car but will still look into buying or going into a claim in the future I know the fees are going up so that’s shit but will just have to save harder. Thanks to all the people who gave me info etc. much appreciated bunch of good guys here. Will stick to the public areas with the sluice and pan or if there any body out there willing to let me pan or sluice on there claim please pm me and im happy to come to an arrangement . Thanks.


Hi Stuart,
I would be very keen on putting in $$$ for a claim if you were still interested.
Message me If your keen for a chat.


Hey mate as no one was keen when I first asked i have sold my dredge and had to buy the wife a new car bugger as was keen as shit on getting a claim

All good, thanks anyway…I’ll keep on the lookout for one anyway. Cheers scott

Hi Scrat,
I have a cobber with a site in mind in Otago thats only a few kilometres long and only suitable for a small dredge. He is looking for a partner into it, 10k and he does the whole project in terms of all the red tape (consents, access, Linz, river status, mining permit etc)…if your interested, i can pass your details on.