Wanted westcoast claim

Good morning everyone, we are looking for a suction or black sand claim to buy ideally or lease, tribute on the Westcoast South Island, would love to hear from anyone who maybe considering to sell?
Thanks in advance :relaxed:

well im an x westcoaster now dredging in otago, and you have some very good streams not under claim on the coast , do some spade work and take out your own claim , if you use a consultant youll speed up the process somewhat , but you may not be mining this summer


And dont forget there is a permitted activity rule for dredging on the coast so no resource consent is required. I help plenty of miners with consenting/ permits and the coast is as easy as it gets…


Hi Mangrove how much does it roughly cost to get a small dredging claim in your experience.?

It depends on what region, the river and dredge size. On the coast or in the rivers not scheduled in otago you may only need a permit at $5750 and access be it linz, doc or privately. In otago where you need consent one of the runanga is forcing applications to hearings so add potentially 20-30k. Southland and marborough would likely go to a hearing too. Pm me if you want a more specific breakdown of costs


I may be interested in leasing part of my claim on the buller river pm me

Would I, as a foreigner, be able to be a shareholder in a claim, or even have my own? :cowboy_hat_face:

Provided you can demonstrate financial capability to cover the costs ovee the life if the claim through yoyr bank or accountant then yes you could have your own pernit. A german mate had two permits with no issue.

Okay, cool! Would be a dream come true, owning my own claim lol. Now that’s not very likely as I’m stuck over here and wouldn’t be able to work it myself, but as a shareholder for sure.

Good to hear from you. If you are back in Reefton in November then go out to the claim…I will See you when you arrive.

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If you buy into an existing claim as a share holder, it’ll probably be the easiest route.

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There are a few things worth noting on “not needing a resource consent” to dredge on the coast . Main one being the 7kw(10hp) limit