Wanted to buy: Lost Gold book

Hello, I am keen to get my hands on Lost Gold by Paul Bensemann (2013) but it’s out of print!
Anyone have a copy they are happy to sell, or know where I can get a copy?

Hi BarleyBender
Try PaperPlus Motueka or TakeNote Takaka.
I have a copy I could lend after the lockdown if that helps.
PM me if interested.

I’ll sell mine if I can find it ?

027 9489 717

Awesome! Let me know if you find it and I can give you a call.

My phone is



Whats it worth to you? $$ wise. If it is out of print it may have become an endangered species, it could fetch a premium above what it sold for initially. It is a good yarn. But if there was something there I am sure it would have been found by now. Ok Ok, I can hear you all saying…yerrrrr… but it could be covered by a slip after all the earthquakes since its first supposed discovery etc etc…Thats where it gets any body that suffers from Gold Addiction Disorder. We are doomed… :roll_eyes:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

last time I was working in able tasman I ran across a doc ranger (not with my truck) he was telling me he had seen the reef a couple of years before. its not in the dame spot as the book says it is , although not far away.


So it’s still there? Ha ha, it will soon be mine!

But seriously, I love how a good story can capture the imagination, especially if that story involves lost gold, and a map marking the treasure with an X!

(Even more seriously, where did the DoC ranger say it was? Ha ha!)

I did ask him but he said he was going back .
x marks the spot. I think its beyond my fitness levels these days to get there.

Tiger country Keith. That’s if you can get past the man eating eels.

the main reason for tigers is that a big cat was seen in the area . they couldn’t say what it was so they just called it tiger.
perhaps that is why people go missing up there , they get eaten by the cat. I wouldn’t mind if I got eaten by a pussy.

or a tiger eating pussy

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how bout a cougar licking ???
at 67 I hate to think what a cougar would be like .

Bet he was full of shit.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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most of them are. ……

Surprised you missed him with your truck then. :rofl:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Hi BarleyBender
Copy of Lost Gold on TradeMe at the moment. HH

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Thanks for the heads up!

I was reading a copy in a Richmond, Nelson bookshop two weeks deciding wether to buy it while on the way to the Aorere. $25-35?

A copy for sale in Picton, Down Under Books.