Wanted to buy. Le trap sluice

Hi all. I’m looking to buy a Le trap sluice. Seem to be out of stock at moment like many things. Has anyone got one that they’re willing to part with?

Hi, we just got a new shipment in at the end of last week. Although they won’t be the original Le Trap they will be a copy and slightly shorter version. At this stage we are not sure if we will ever get the original ones back in stock. Later next week we should have the new stock on our website. cheers


Hi do you have any for sale ? Thanks

I have one in my garage collecting dust I would sell.

Whats the reason it is collecting dust?

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Hi do you have a photo and price cheers

I use the mini max now to do clean up as the gold where the 6" is is super fine with lots of black sand

Yea yup will send you photo later today. Not sure about price what would you want to pay

Hi how much are you wanting ? Cheers

I’m not sure what it’s worth, is $140 ok?