Wanted to buy 4 inch dredge

Hi there, after expert advice I have changed my mind to a 4 inch dredge. So am looking for a good 4 inch dredge please. Am located in Golden Bay area.

Hi there, wondered if anyone has a small backpacker dredge they may be looking to sell. Similar to the keene backpackers. Ideally in decent condition. I know they are small and don't move that much material but I need something easy-ish to move around 8-) Thanks in advance!

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A 4” is easy to move about really Just use it as a high banker, saves carrying frames and floats, works just as good. A 2” is tediously slow sometimes, I find if you need to clean out cracks that a 4” won’t fit in then just get adapter made to neck down the 4”

Understand mate - and thanks for the tip! If the 4 inch ones are almost as portable I would prefer, but they just cost so much more. As my first foray into dredging trying to keep costs down but maybe its better to spend the extra $ and get kit I wont get frustrated with.

I have a Keene 2 inch back pack dredge located Invercargill, just re posted it topic had gear sitting idle for awhile now thought others or urself might be keen on it, cheers Brett

Yup thanks Brett, interested, I PM’d ya

Truckers 2 inch dredge looks good btw.