Wanted : Nox 800

Anyone thinking of selling their Nox currently? Hoping to get one with a few hundred knocked off the price of a brand new one. Cheers.

Hi there, I am selling mine please see my post

Wow thats an excellent price,to cheap mate,I paid 1500 for the machine and the 6"coil and all the other stuff,pity you weren’t selling a few months back,some ones getting a excellent machine at a excellent price.

Thats a bummer…Why are you selling it?

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Hey kiwijw, to pay for a new :motorcycle:

Hang on…gold at record highs…gold detector for finding gold…go find gold & use the gold found to pay for motor bike…keep detector & use bike & detector to go into countryside to find more gold. Still have detector & new motor bike. :+1:

Or wasn’t gold detecting for you?

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

We did use bikes and detectors to hunt gold but the only good bit we got was a 0.3g picker a week later when I opened my broken crevice sucker into my pan in the garage! Not sure what else is in the crack but it’s a long way up the creek to go back :joy:. Maybe I could come for for some tuition next time I’m down your way, sounds like my mate am I bothered isn’t anymore. Needs a bike to stretch his arms longer like Mr tickle and needs the funds. R.I.P