Wanted, My first metal detector

Hi there,
I am a fossicker and hunter, collector of old bottles, treasures, coins and medals.
I would love to start looking for treasures on the beach, in old dump sites and so forth, with an aim to hunt for gold maybe one day.
So, has anyone got advice or for sale please a suitable first device?
There appear to be so many on offer - from cheap and side show style to expensive and mining pro style.
I am happy to spend good money for a decent machine.

Hi Steve. You might like to check out my website. www.detectnz.co.nz
I will be happy to answer any queries.


Hi Steve, where abouts in the country are you? I have a near new Garrett AT Gold right here collecting dust that I no longer have any use for (upgraded to a minelab SDC2300), comes with standard and waterproof headphones, as well as both the 8"x5" DD coil and ‘Super-Sniper’ 4.5" coil, both have coil covers and have not been used without coil covers. This machine is also waterproof to 10 feet / 3 meters and is quite easy to use. It uses regular AA batteries so there isn’t any flash proprietary batteries to buy.

I’m in the lower north island and am quite happy to show it to you if you are interested

Thanks Darren - I am in Northland (Bream Bay). There seem to be so many options so I will keep reading up and come back to you if it might be an option. Cheers.

Cheers Chris - there are alot to choose from. I guess its the old story you get what you pay for. I will give you a call to see what a middle of the road one might be.

I look forward to your call Steve.