Wanted Minelab GPX 5000

Does anyone have a Minelab GPX 5000 that they are selling or would consider selling?
Maybe yours is just gathering dust in the cupboard and one day soon you will get out and give it death but it just doesn’t happen ! Then why not think about selling it and putting some lovely cash in your pocket to use for whatever.
Send a reply if you have a
GPX 5000 that you want to sell.
Cheers Xterragold

Footnote: I am no longer looking for this particular detector.
Thanks Xterragold

Hi, Is that you Steve? What about a 4500 or do you have your heart set on a 5000? PM me if intersted. Cheers

JW :slight_smile:

Heh JW, no not Steve. And yes really wanting to get a 5000.

Thanks for your message.


Hi Pete, Yer sorry mate I was thinking of xterra Steve up Nelson way. No worries on the 4500. Good luck with a 5000. They are pretty hard to come by in NZ on the 2nd hand market. Good luck out there


John :slight_smile: (kiwijw)

Just out of interest, how much are you wanting for the 4500 ?

Cheers Pete

Keep your eyes on Trademe, they come up now & then.
There is also a good australian site called Gumtree - lots of detecting gear on there.

Thanks John. Just out of curiosity what price do you have on 4500 ?

Cheers Pere

Gumtree is great - but can’t contact from NZ, it blocks me at any rate!

Hi I have a modded 4500 and heaps of coils it out does a gpx5000 easy and gpz just over 10k worth as it sits just advertised it today for 4800 everything has receipts

FYI 4500, 4800, 5000 all essentially the same, with a few more bells and whistles as the numbers increase. They all take the same coils, cables, and battery.
4800 has 6 timings, 5000 has 8, these are mostly for dealing with mineralised ground so you’re able to find gold easier (more useful in places like Australia).

Who modded it. Woody?? Doesn’t look like a 4500 control box. Cheers

JW :slight_smile:

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Cool, I was looking at the wrong box. What mods have been done to it & by who? Cheers.

JW :slight_smile: