Wanted 6 inch dredge


I am looking to buy a 6 inch or maybe a 5 inch dredge.

Let me know if your interested :slight_smile:

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I think 5" is just to small , 6" is boarderline . 8" is best but it all depends on colour. black or white. they say once you had black you don’t go back . you will have to really pay for an 8".

Is that really your contribution to life?

sorry mate but yes . its all I have just nothing but crap , crap and more crap. read my other posts and you will see I don’t change . im just a sick old man . there are a couple of us on this forum so get used to it


Yes, but getting consent for an 8" is quite difficult, the authorities want to know more and more as things get bigger.

It’s when others say they have a 9" that things start to smell fishy…

Yep and on the black or white thing. I had a white one and swapped for a black one and wouldn’t go back. Thing is she is a women and also sucks well :slight_smile:

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you’ve all had way to much exposure to mercury


to hell with black or white give me the quick silver …

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All the poor bastard wanted was a 5 or 6 inch dredge… :crazy_face:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


I knew one of those women critturs who had an amazing intake well suited to a nine inch. Her suction put an elephants trunk to shame. She was also very economical and a litre of high octane would keep her going all day though the only drawback was the fact that the exhaust gasses would asphixiate the most hardened diver who would get quickly lost in the prolific weed growth.

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